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These terms and conditions, which can be modified occasionally, refer to all the services directly or indirectly provided on the GRAND-RIVIERA website, via email, phone or any mobile device. By visiting, viewing or using our website and/or ordering services, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions (including Privacy Policy) defined below.

These pages, their content and infrastructure of the pages as well as the paid services that are provided on these pages are controlled and operated by Company CTDZR Services Ltd and provided according to the terms and conditions defined below.

Administration of GRAND-RIVIERA reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at their own discretion anytime, updating this publication without prior notice. Your subsequent visits to GRAND-RIVIERA will signify your imputed consent with these changes. GRAND-RIVIERA highly recommends that you visit the terms and conditions page occasionally in order to be aware of any updates. GRAND-RIVIERA reserves the right to change or delete the information on the website, interrupt or stop the operation of the website and deny access to the entire website or its parts to any user without notice and any visible cause.


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Part of the materials is the intellectual property of GRAND-RIVIERA, including design, illustrations, photo materials and other graphic content; text content, including these terms and conditions; GRAND-RIVIERA logo, GRAND-RIVIERA slogans and other materials, which are posted on the particular website sections along with the rights of their use.

You may use this website or any of its content with any purpose that does not contradict these terms and conditions or violate the rights of GRAND-RIVIERA.


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You also agree not to:

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•try to receive unauthorized access to the website or any other network resources related to website by hacking or other illegal actions.

Any unauthorized use of the website materials will be interpreted as implicit, deliberate or any other appropriation and/or offence or appropriation of GRAND-RIVIERA or third party copyright. If you violate these conditions, you will be automatically deprived of the right to use this website and will bear the responsibility, including criminal responsibility in accordance with the applicable legislation of the United Kingdom.

Please note that any negotiations and materials posted by you on the website (apart from your personal information the use of which is regulated by our Privacy Policy) including questions, suggestions and comments will be considered as non-confidential and not subject to protection of property rights. GRAND-RIVIERA may use your comments for any purposes, including sharing, distribution, disclosure and publishing of information. By making any comments on the website, you transfer your copyright or other rights regarding your information to GRAND-RIVIERA and refuse from the right to compensation irrevocably.

GRAND-RIVIERA does not bear legal or financial responsibility for any comments posted on the website. We reserve the right to rather post our own comments than publish or use yours. You bear full responsibility for the content of your comments and any consequences of violation of the applicable legislation or GRAND-RIVIERA or third party rights.

In case of the terms violation GRAND-RIVIERA reserves the right to apply all the preventive legal measures against the offenders to make them liable.

Services Description

Our website helps the Clients to find the necessary information and request/order particular offers and services in France.

Paid Services

GRAND-RIVIERA offers a wide range of paid services to their users in France. All paid services provided on the website are intermediary and consulting. All terms and conditions of using the paid services are particularized on the pages with the paid services description. Before ordering any offer or service on GRAND-RIVIERA, study all the posted information about this service. All the special deals and offers are marked accordingly.

You can order offers and services that have a fixed price and pay for them online on the website. On the pages where the online payment for services is not offered as an option, you can send a custom request indicating all your preferences. Once we receive your custom request and discuss its details via phone/IP etc. connection or email, we offer you various options for your custom request implementation. The cost of custom request implementation can be paid via bank transfer (the bank details you can find in the invoice) or with the credit card on our website. When paying for a custom request with a card, you will receive a link to the page with the description and cost of the service you order to the email you indicated before.

User can purchase a paid service by entering credit/debit card information directly on the GRAND-RIVIERA website. To process the order GRAND-RIVIERA needs obligatory permission for a deal conclusion from the company/bank that issued a credit/debit card a user is paying with. Credit/debit card will be authorized for a full payment, the amount of which is indicated in the offer/service that a user chooses. Incorrect credit/debit card details or insufficient funds are the responsibility of the user and, thus, GRAND-RIVIERA does not accept any claims. All the paid services of our website are processed only after the full payment for them is received.

Prices indicated on the website include all taxes; otherwise, user will be informed about the additional payments.

Payment confirmation will be sent to the email indicated by the user before.

All prices on the website are in Euros.

Cancellation of the Ordered Offers and Services

You can cancel the offer/service you paid for within 24 hours from the moment of payment provided that this service has not been used. In case client has already used the ordered offer/service — the payment cannot be refunded.

Refund of concierge services is only possible if you have not received any information about your request. In any other case refund of the concierge services is not possible.

In order to cancel the ordered offer or service you have to send a request to our email indicating the reason of cancellation and attaching a scanned copy of the credit card (only front and only the last 4 digits) you used and of your passport or other valid ID.

In case the paid offer/service gets cancelled and all the refund terms are followed, we refund a full payment except our service commission - 10% of the total amount and bank commissions that may be stipulated by issuing banks for such kinds of operations.

Please note that some rates, all tickets, VIP and concierge services, all special offers are not subject to cancellation or refund.


* when you order a transfer from the airport, in the order you shall specify the arrival time and the flight number, by the time of arrival we add 20 minutes for passing the passport control / taking your luggage, that is why the driver will be waiting for you at the airport: your arrival time + 20 minutes;

* for transfers from the airport, in case of the flight cancellation / delay or if you are late for the flight and cannot warn us about this, cancellation of the transfer will not be possible, as the driver will come to the airport according to the schedule and will be waiting for you at the airport;

* if you have time to notify us about changes in your order for at least 3 hours before the transfer (flight cancellation, late flight, reschedule the transfer time, address changing, etc.), we will discuss with you possible modifications and additional payments in each case individually;

* if you have special requests for the transfer, you need to send instructions to our email 24 hours prior to the transfer beginning;

* waiting more than 10 minutes surcharge on the spot - 20 EUR (next 10 min - 20 EUR), for a transfer from the airport waiting starts after 20 minutes when your flight landed;

* please note: in standard price on the website only 1 drop-off or pick-up address included;

* cancellation of the ordered transfer services with payment refund is possible if it was made 24 hours prior to the start time of your transfer (cancellation should be sent to our email);

* if the cancellation has been made less than 24 hours before the transfer, or you cancel your transfers without notification to our email, a refund is not possible;

* you could refuse the transfer and make a refund if the driver is late more than 20 minutes from the time specified in the order and you did not use that transfer (in case of transfer from the airport it is 40 minutes from the actual landing time);

* if you used the transfer you could not claim a refund or compensation for this transfer;

* if you ordered a round trip transfer and used one transfer only, you could not claim a refund for the second transfer, if you notified about the cancellation less than 24 hours before the return transfer, if you warned us in more than 24 hours, your transfer would be saved as a credit and you could contact us at any time to order a new transfer;

* we reserve the right to replace the ordered type of vehicle with another vehicle of the same type or another if there are road accidents, traffic jams etc. For us, an important priority is the client, and our responsibility is to do everything possible to ensure that the client does not expect a vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances on the roads.

By paying for any service on the website, you accept and agree to the terms of order cancellation.


Security of the website meets the high standards. All the deals and payments are processed under the control of SSL (SECURED SOCKET LAYER) system that ensures security of any information and data that have been entered by a user on the website. Security of user payments is ensured by the companies accepting these payments. GRAND-RIVIERA guarantees that all the information provided by a user for placing an order will be used only for the order processing and not for any other purpose.


GRAND-RIVIERA takes care of your personal data security. For additional information, please refer to our Privacy Policy section.

Liability Restrictions

We do our best to post the most up-to-date and accurate information. However, GRAND-RIVIERA cannot guarantee full accuracy of the information posted on the website or available by means of it due to the great volume of such data.

User has a right and obligation to check any information in order to fully rely on it.

The quality of the transportation services is entirely the responsibility of the transportation provider who provides such transportation services to you. Our company under no circumstance accepts liability in connection with and/or arising from the transportation services provided by the transportation provider or any acts, actions, behavior, conduct, and/or negligence on the part of the transportation provider or its employees. Any complaints about the transportation services provided by the transportation provider should be submitted to the transportation provider.

GRAND-RIVIERA is never liable for any damages suffered by a user, including those that were caused by user's actions taken due to using our website or referring to information posted on it. User solely is liable for making any decisions relying on information posted on this website.

GRAND-RIVIERA is not liable towards a user or any other party for website malfunction, computer viruses or communication system failure as well as any damages caused by them since they are beyond the control of GRAND-RIVIERA.

Information and services posted on the website are provided “as they are" and, thus, all the risk concerning quality of the request fulfillment is imposed on a user. GRAND-RIVIERA is never liable for direct, indirect, accidental or deliberate damages caused by using this website or inability to use it as well as viruses, information, software, links to other websites, products or services presented on our website or any other kinds of damaged caused by using this website.

Links to websites of the third parties are provided for the user convenience only or for the advertising purposes. GRAND-RIVIERA does not view or control the websites links to which this website contains and, thus, is not liable for the content of these websites or consequences of using them.

In case you decided to visit any website of third party the link to which is posted on this website, only you are liable for all the possible risks.

Despite this, our Company, our any office, director, representative, employee, affiliate branch, affiliate partner, distributor, distributor affiliate partner, licensee, agent and other companies or parties taking part in creation, sponsorship, promotion and any other activity aimed at support of website and its content is not liable for any fee, deliberate, indirect or subsequent loss or damage, any loss of product, profit, income, contract; loss or damage suffered to prestige or reputation, rejection of indemnification for loss, any inaccuracy regarding (descriptive) information (including prices)posted on our website, services and products offered by Agent; any (direct, indirect, subsequent or fine) breakages, losses or damages that occurred or were paid by you and were caused due to using, inability to use or work break of our website or any (personal) injury, death, property damage or other (direct, indirect, subsequent or fine)breakages, losses or damages that occurred or were paid by you due to (legal) acts, mistakes, violation, (grave) negligence, deliberate illegal actions, mistakes, non-compliance, misinterpretation, non-performance of civil liability or direct debt (full or partial) of the Agent (his employees, directors, managers, agents, representatives or affiliate companies), including any (partial) cancellation, strike, acts of God or any other uncontrollable events.

You agree to protect, assert and secure the Company, its representative offices, senior directors, employees and agents from any damages, financial liability, complaints and expenses, including legal fees claimed against the Company by the third party due to the fact that you were using the website.

Relations between you and the Company will be conducted on equal terms and none of us or our representatives, agents or employees will act as partners, authorized attorneys, agents, and employees to the third party. If any paragraph of these terms and conditions is declared invalid or impracticable according to the applicable legislation, including the aforementioned absence of financial liability and absence of guarantees, invalid and impracticable paragraphs will be replaced by valid and effective regulations that correspond to the primary aims of the terms and conditions, while the rest part of them will remain in effect. You may not transfer, assign or delegate your rights and obligations in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise specified, all the software required for provision of our services and/or used on our website as well as intellectual property rights (including copyright) belong to the Company, its partners, contractors and providers.

GRAND-RIVIERA reserves the exclusive right to own, use and manage (all the intellectual property rights, design (including infrastructure)) the website, where a service is provided (including guest comments and translated content). You may not copy, analyze the screen data, create (hyper-/deep) links to the website, publish, advertise, merchandise, integrate, use, merge or use the content in any other way (including its translations and guest comments) or our brand unless you have our written permission.

As you (fully or partially) use or merge (translated) content (including guest comments) or have intellectual property right to website or any (translated) content or guest comments, you hereof transfer and assign these intellectual property rights to GRAND-RIVIERA. Illegal use or any of the aforementioned actions will be interpreted as grave violation of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and right to database access).


Evident mistakes (including typos) are not legally binding.

These terms and conditions as well as provision of our services are regulated and executed within the limits of the United Kingdom laws. All the controversial issues arising on the base of these general terms and conditions as well as services provided by us have to be settled in the competent courts of the United Kingdom exclusively.

The original English version of these terms and conditions could be translated into other languages. Translated version is an informal and service translation only. You may not claim any rights relying on the translated version of these terms and conditions. In case of disputes regarding content or interpretation of these terms and conditions and in case of unconformity and discrepancy between the English and any other language version of these terms and conditions, it is the English version that has to be used as dominant and incontrovertible within the limits of the law. English version of these terms and conditions is available at our website (if English language has been chosen) and may be sent to you upon written request.

If any of these terms and conditions is/will be inadmissible, lose its legal validity or binding force, all the rest regulations of these terms and conditions will be applied. In such a case any invalid regulation has to be nevertheless complied in accordance to the applicable legislation; and you have to comply with this regulation in spite of its inadmissibility and absence of its legal or binding force taking into account content and aim of these terms and conditions.

Complaint and Dispute Settling

All the complaints are referred to the owner via email: contact@ grand-riviera.com

Complaint has to contain first name, last name, address of the complaint sender and a detailed description of the issue. Anonymous complaints are not considered. Complaints are immediately considered by the Company on a first- come, first-served basis. A person, who filed a complaint, will receive the results to the indicated address in the same way as the complaint has been sent.

All relations between owner and website users are subject to these terms and conditions. In case particular issues were not addressed in these terms and conditions, relations between the parties are subject to the United Kingdom law.

About the Company

The Company - CTDZR Services Ltd. Company number: 14749325. Registered address: 61 Bridge Street, Kington, United Kingdom, HR5 3DJ. The Company work is maintained by numerous (“service companies") all over the world. Service companies provide domestic support for the benefit of GRAND-RIVIERA. Some service companies can provide a range of certain services in the scope of customer support (by phone only). Service companies do not have their personal websites (and cannot control or manage a website). Service companies do not have the authorities or rights to provide services and represent the Company or conclude any contracts on behalf or for the benefit of GRAND-RIVIERA. You do not enter into relations (either legal or contractual) with service companies.