Helicopter Transfers

Even in spite of highways and good roads, especially in summer season on the French Riviera, a trip from Nice to Saint-Tropez can take at least 2-3 hours. Individual helicopter transfer is the best solution, if you don't want to spend a lot of time on the road. We will help you to arrange private heli transfer on comfortable and modern helicopters that have all the necessary licenses and certificates.

Popular helicopter routes on the French Riviera :

Nice Airport to Cannes or from Cannes to Nice Airport (flight time - 7 min) from 1090 EUR

Nice Airport to Monaco or from Monaco to NIce Airport (flight time - 10 min) from 880 EUR

Nice Airport to St.Tropez or from St.Tropez to Nice Airport (flight time 20 min) from 2140 EUR

Cannes to St Tropez or from St Tropez to Cannes (flight time 15 min) from 1790 EUR

Cannes to Monaco or from Monaco to Cannes (flight time 15 min) from 1450 EUR

Monaco to St Tropez or from St Tropez to Monaco (flight time 25 min) from 2240 EUR

Ground transfer included in the prices. We don't provide shared helicopter transfers.

If you are interested in having more detailed information on helicopter transfers or prices on other routes, please send your request, and we will make an offer for you as soon as possible. Also, we can arrange panoramic helicopter flights from Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and helicopter transfers on a custom routes to Provence, Corsica, Alps, Italy etc.

For quick reservation you can use our Telegram https://t.me/grandriviera or send details use feedback form below.

Send your request using the feedback form below, also you can use Telegram for quick communication: https://t.me/grandriviera
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