Privacy Policy


We attach great importance to the insurance of your information confidentiality and appreciate your trust and pledge to protect your personal information. In this document that undergoes through regular updates, we have described how we use and collect your personal information and how we use cookies. We will also provide you with our contact details so that you could contact us in case you have any questions regarding your personal information.

We use Stripe for payment, analytics, and other business services. Stripe collects identifying information about the devices that connect to its services. Stripe uses this information to operate and improve the services it provides to us, including for fraud detection. You can learn more about Stripe and read its privacy policy at

Our website offers various services in France that can be accessed via mobile applications and other online-platforms like partner websites and social media. All the information mentioned below applies to all these platforms. The following terms imply all the kinds of personal information that we receive when you use our website and other connected to it websites (hereafter generally referred to as «website») or otherwise, for instance, via phone or email.

Our website does not share any personal information with the third parties without your consent to do so and uses the received information only to improve the quality of the website service.


What kind of personal information does our website use?

When registering or processing the order for any paid or free service, you will have to indicate your name, address, phone number, email address, your banking information and other required details.

When you visit our website, we may collect particular information like IP address, browser type, operating system details, application version, language settings and displayed pages. If you use a mobile device, we may also receive data identifying your mobile device, its settings and characteristics as well as actual location.

We may also receive particular information when you are using social services.

Why does our website collect, use and share personal information with the third parties?

Customer Support: we provide you with constant customer support. Having necessary information, our customer support may help you solve various issues regarding our website.

Marketing promotion: we use your data for the marketing promotion within the law.

For instance: upon your request, we may use your contact information to send you the news about similar products or services. We also regularly send promotions newsletters to our client emails. You may unsubscribe from receiving such any time.

We use your personal information to show personalized offers on our website, mobile applications and websites of the third parties, including social platforms.

If we think that an offer may be of particular interest to you, we may contact you by phone.

Other communication types: we may reach you by mail or email, call you or send you a message (depending on the indicated contact details) in the following cases:

•We have to respond to your special requests or process such.

•If you used our services, we may send you a survey or ask you to leave a feedback on the work of our website website.

•We may also send you any other information that will help you contact our website in case of any help required.

Marketing Analysis: sometimes we ask our clients to participate in the marketing analysis. Any additional information given within the scope of the research will not be used unless we have your consent.

Detection and Prevention of Fraud: we may use your personal information to detect and prevent fraud and/or other illegal activity.

Improvement of service quality: we may use your personal information for the analytical purpose, namely improvement of the overall service quality and user experience on our website.

When may our website share your personal information with the third parties?

We may share your personal information with the third parties in the following cases. We share your personal data with the person you have requested for/booked. The following data may include your name and contact details.

Third-party Service Providers: we may use services of the third parties in order to process your information for the aforementioned purposes. For instance, we may use service providers to send information on our behalf or ask the third parties to contact you. We may cooperate with the third-party service providers to process or ensure the payment. Moreover, we work with the third-party advertising networks to promote our product and services on the other platforms and engage the third-party agencies to conduct analytical research. All the third parties are bound with the confidentiality agreement prohibiting use of your personal data for the purposes, different from the aforementioned.

Competent Authorities: we may share or disclose your personal information to the government or investigating authorities in case it is required by law (or other act of legal force). The following requirements include legal decision, notices and warrants received due to lawsuit or criminal inquiry. We may also disclose your personal data in case it is required for prevention, detection or prosecution of the criminal offence.

How does our website use mobile devices?

We launch free applications for the various mobile devices. These applications collect and process your personal information in virtually the same way as our website does.

What is cookie-file?

Cookie-file is a small piece of data sent from a website to the user's computer. Why do websites use cookie-files? WebPages have no memory. If you view different pages on a website, you will not be recognized as one and the same user on the different pages. Cookie-files allow a website to recognize your browser. Therefore, they are mostly used for storing your preferences, for instance, language or preferred currency. Moreover, cookie-files will allow our website to recognize you when you visit it again.

Do all the cookie-files perform the same function?

No, different types of cookie-files are used for different purposes. Cookie-files vary in function, expiration period and the party that places them.

How does our website use cookie-files?

We are doing our best to provide our users with a modern and easy-to-use website that will adjust to their requirements and preferences automatically. To make it possible, we use the following types of cookie-files:

Technical Cookie-Files: we use technical cookie-files to make our website display and function without errors, to create your user account, to let you log in and manage various functions. These technical cookies are essential for the proper work of a website.

Functional Cookie-Files: we also use functional cookie-files to store your preferences and help you use our website in the most beneficial and effective way, for instance, by remembering your preferred currency and language, search history, etc. Although functional cookie-files are not necessary for the work of our website, they improve your user experience making our website easier to use.

Analytical Cookie-Files: we use these cookie-files to see how visitors use our website, understand what functions and what does not, optimize the website, improve its performance and make sure that we are still interesting to our users. We collect information about the pages you visited, the pages you switched between and those where you left our website from, the kind of platform you used, date and time of use, the number of clicks on a particular page, movement of your pointer and scrolling, search requests and text you entered when using our website.

Commercial Cookie-Files: we use those to show you various advertisements.

How long do the cookie-files of our website stay active?

We use several types of cookie-files with the different periods of expiration. Some of our cookie-files last for the maximum of 5 years from the moment of your last visit. You can delete all the cookie-files from your browser anytime.

How can you detect the cookie-files of our website?

You can find our cookie-files in your browser settings.

Does our website use the cookie-files of the third parties?

Yes, our website uses the services of trusted and authoritative online commercial and marketing companies. Our website may use services of the third party for the analytical purpose. The following companies have to place cookie-files in order to provide their services. The activity of service providers we cooperate with is aimed at creating client awareness and implementing the appropriate standards and procedures of business conducting and data processing.

Who has access to the information about cookie-files of our website?

Only our website has access to the cookie-files of our website. Third parties may have access to the cookie-files they placed.

How can you change the settings for your cookie-files?

Using your browser settings (for example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) you can choose which cookie-files to accept and which to decline. Location of the settings depends on the browser you are using. You may use “Help" function in your browser to find the necessary settings.

If you decide to decline particular cookie-files, some of our website functions may be no longer available for you. Moreover, please note that your refusal to receive advertisements from a particular provider does not mean that you will never receive online advertisements or will not be exposed to marketing analysis or the advertisements posted online. Refusal means that provider of the commercial you declined will not place the advertisements generated in accordance with your web-preferences and peculiarities of the website use.

Does our website use web-beacons?

Apart from cookie-files our website sometimes uses web-beacons. Web-beacon is a microscopic graphic image usually no larger than 1 pixel that gets on your computer via HTML messages or as a part of a web-page request. We use these pixels directly or via service providers as a part of online commercial on our website or websites of the third parties in order to see whether a user who saw a commercial makes an order, monitor the conversion on the partner websites and analyze the peculiarities of traffic. All of this is aimed at improving the quality of our website services.

Age Restrictions

Offers and services provided by our website have no age restrictions. The administration of our website reserves the right to delete any information.

How can you control the personal data provided to our website?

You always have a right to look through your personal data that we store. To view your personal data please send your request from our website.

If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding the following Privacy Policy, please send us an email with your remarks: contact@

Privacy Policy Updates

From time to time we may use the private information of our clients for the new purposes that have not been mentioned in the following Privacy Policy before. In case the terms of information use change, we post all the Privacy Policy amendments on our website aiming to draw your attention to them and give you the opportunity to decline new regulations. If you are concerned with the use of your information, pleased visit this section occasionally.

Date of the last update: March 2023.